Lung Tissue Registry

The HLI is built upon a rich history of Lung and Cardiovascular registries that collectively contain over 90,000 biospecimens and associated clinical data, donated to research by patients undergoing heart or lung surgery over the past 33 years.

Tissue Archiving

The HLI Cardiovascular and Lung Tissue registries have all the facilities, equipment and ethical consent to proficiently archive human samples for histological, RNA, DNA and protein research.

Specimens For Research

Researchers with projects that have suitable ethics board approval can apply to access to these previously biobanked samples and their associated data, for Biomedical research projects.

Gross Specimen Photography

The HLI has state of the art photography equipment and can provide you with high level specimen photography. The HLI Biobank can work with specific photograph requests. Please contact us for further information.

The Lung Tissue Registry maintains over 70,000 lung specimens donated by individuals undergoing lung surgery or non-transplantable donor lungs. Tissue harvested is preserved in formalin and paraffin for histology or frozen in Cryomatrix® preservative medium for RNA, DNA and protein preservation, and is linked to clinical data with donor consent and Providence Research Ethics Board approval.

Our entire library of specimens and de-identified data is available for researchers engaged in biomedical research, where the project in question has appropriate ethics approval and meets scientific, medical, and ethical standards as determined by our Scientific Advisory Committee. Furthermore, we are able to work with researchers to procure specimen types that we don’t already have, and we are available to assist with designing tissue based biomedical research studies.

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