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Utilizing JHLB samples with state-of-the-art imaging technologies

Mar 5, 2021

Inflation of the lung has enabled the assessment of tissue architecture in chronic lung diseases using standard histological techniques, and more recently using volumetric micro-computed tomography (micro CT) imaging of frozen (1) and FFPE samples (2).

Top: Three-dimensional (3-D) visualization of conducting and respiratory bronchioles imaged by microcomputed tomography (micro CT) combined with orthogonal micro CT images (coronal and transaxial) through the tissue sample. Conducting airways are colored in orange, and respiratory bronchioles are colored in yellow.
Bottom: Transaxial micro CT image at 11micrometer isotropic voxel size shows conducting airways (¥), respiratory bronchioles (#), and blood vessels (*) void of blood. Scale bar is 1mm.

This has enabled the detailed assessment of small airways and parenchymal structures in diseases such as COPD and IPF (3-4).

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