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ServicesBruce McManus Cardiovascular Biobank

About the Biobank

The Bruce McManus Cardiovascular Biobank (BMCB), initiated by Dr. Bruce McManus in June 1982, maintains over 100,000 de-identified human cardiovascular tissue specimens, including explanted hearts from orthotopic heart transplantation, blood vessels, heart valves, and myocardium. The BMCB has been a platform for translational research and multi-faceted education.

Archiving Tissue Specimens

Working closely with surgeons and pathologists, the BMCB collects explanted hearts typically within 5-minutes post-surgery. For one of our prestigious sample cohorts, the explanted heart, we archive tissues from 32 standardized regions in four different formats: (i) flash frozen, (ii) RNA stabilization solution (RNAlaterâ„¢) storage, (iii) optimal cutting temperature (OCT) compound-embedded, and (iv) formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE).

Requesting Sample Access

The BMCB offers local, national, and international researchers access to its cardiovascular specimens. The biobank also supports HLI investigators with project-specific research services. As well, standard histology services are provided upon request. The BMCB requires approved human ethics before your project starts.  Please refer to the TCPS2 policy ( and obtain ethics approval from your research institution.

All researchers interested in collaborating with or using samples from the BMCB can follow instructions in the BMCB Sample Access Request Form and submit it to

Ying Wang

Registry Director

Dr. Wang’s vision is to incorporate high-throughput biotechnologies (single cell phenotyping and spatial phenotyping) and bioinformatics methods to modernize biobank research of cardiovascular research.


Gurpreet Singhera

PhD, Registry Manager

Dr. Singhera brings 25 years of extensive experience in tissue and cell biobanking, lab management, project management, and inter-disciplinary collaborations.

Boaz Li

Co-op Research Assistant

Coco Ng

Biobank Assistant

Tiffany Chang

Biobank Assistant