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NewsHLI tours new local pharmaceutical company Chinook Therapeutics

Sep 12, 2019

A team of HLI staff and researchers (Drs. Ma’en Obeidat – Assistant Professor, Anthony Tam – Postdoctoral Fellow, and Tony Yang – Research & Industry Partnerships Manager) were recently invited to tour Chinook Therapeutics, a newly established local pharmaceutical discovery company.

Launched from San Diego-headquartered, parent drug discovery engine Inception Sciences, Chinook Therapeutics is a biotechnology company developing precision medicines for kidney diseases. Since 2011, Inception Sciences has research sites in Vancouver, Montreal, and San Diego, with notable successes with pharma acquisitions.

Welcomed by Joyce Wu – Senior Research Associate, Dr. Jennifer Cox – Assistant Director, and Dr. Renata Oballa – Vice President of Medicinal Chemistry, our HLI team had the unique opportunity to tour the Chinook Therapeutics research facilities and discuss potential educational opportunities for trainees of the Career Paths for Researchers (CPR) program. The company’s initiatives, which include multi-disciplinary and integrated medicinal chemistry, biology, bioinformatics, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, and target validation studies, were shared and potential collaboration opportunities were discussed.

Thank you Chinook Therapeutics for hosing us and we look forward to developing the next CPR-Chinook trainee event. Stay tuned!