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Pat Camp

Associate Professor


Dr. Pat Camp is a clinician-scientist at St. Paul’s Hospital and an Associate Professor in the UBC Department of Physical Therapy. Her clinician-scientist appointment position is jointly supported by the University of British Columbia Department of Physical Therapy and the Providence Health Care Research Institute. Dr. Camp is a physical therapist with expertise in pulmonary rehabilitation for people with chronic lung disease.

Area of Interest

Indigenous Lung health. Study 1 is to estimate the prevalence of chronic obstructive lung disease in First Nations Communities in north-central BC. We also identify specific risks related to respiratory symptoms including indoor air quality and occupation. Study 2 is to develop a First Nations pulmonary rehabilitation program , including how telehealth can be used in an effective way. Study 3 aims to develop emergency planning for people with chronic disease living in remote and rural First Nations communities. Telerehabilitation. We are conducting feasibility studies of wearable devices that support the delivery of pulmonary rehabilitation services in low access locations.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation for individuals hospitalized with an acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This research program aims to investigate the health services delivery issues related to providing pulmonary rehabilitation in the hospital setting for patients with COPD who are admitted with an exacerbation of their disease. Research questions will include: current practice patterns related to inpatient exercise and mobility; barriers and facilitators to initiating these programs, key components of programs, program components [including exercise and education], and use of interdisciplinary teams.

Team Members

  • Ashley Kirkham – Research Coordinator
  • Mirha Girt – Research Assistant
  • Joel Chen – MSc trainee
  • Justin Turner – PhD trainee

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