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Genetic Engineered Models (GEM) Facility

The GEM Facility at the Centre for Heart Lung Innovation at St Paul’s Hospital is available for contract or collaborative research project opportunities. Our 9000 sq ft facility offers flexible space, technical services, and high-tech equipment for use with rodent and rabbit models. Known as the GEM (Genetically Engineered Models), the facility contains a barrier breeding unit, a Level 2 Containment suite as well as space for conventionally housed animals.

Claire Smits

Associate Director

Ms. Smits brings 30 years of experience in animal research projects, model development, GLP, GMP test site development in industry and academic settings.

Tatjana Ponomarev


Ms. Ponomarev has 18 years of experience in a variety of animal research models, featuring colony management and a wide range of technical skills.

Lynne Carter


Ms. Carter brings 30 years of experience in animal research care and operations.