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Key DiscoveryPatient Outcomes After COVID-19 Infection

Oct 16, 2020

Although primarily recognized as an acute infection and disease, COVID-19 appears to have long-lasting effects on some patients.

A recent study led by Dr. Alyson Wong, a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Chris Ryerson’s group, used patient reported outcome measures (PROMs), which are standardized questionnaires, to understand the impact of COVID-19 from the patient’s perspective. The group collected data on the patients’ quality of life, frailty, dyspnea (shortness of breath), mood, and sleep approximately 3 months after symptom onset.

Surprisingly, 75% of patients reported abnormal outcomes, and up to a third of patients reporting at least moderate impairment in major dimensions of quality of life.

These results have important implications, suggesting that patients continue to struggle with a range of impairments and symptoms following their initial recovery from the acute infection. Further studies are needed to completely understand the long-term consequences of COVID-19 and adequately care for patients after recovery.

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