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NewsHLI tours Vancouver-based medical device company IKOMED Technologies Inc.

Jul 25, 2019

HLI Director Dr. Don Sin and a team of HLI researchers, including 5 trainees, were recently invited to attend a tour of IKOMED Technologies Inc. (, founded in 2011), an event organized by the HLI Career Paths for Researchers (CPR) program.

The researchers learned more about the company’s commercialization activities and discussed ongoing research collaborations. One of the IKOMED team’s current projects is the commercialization of their innovative technology designed to reduce harmful exposures to X-ray radiation, for patients and staff, during surgical procedures involving the use of fluoroscopy (a type of high speed X-ray imaging that creates a X-ray “movie”).

Our hosts – CEO Eran Elizur, and Director of Program Management Kim Wolff – showcased their FDA-approved AI-enabled radiation reduction technology which was recently cleared by the FDA and has begun commercial sales. The team also discussed the next steps of an ongoing research collaboration that aims to leverage novel radiofrequency technology for the treatment of patients with emphysema, a debilitating and cureless chronic lung disease. Thank you and congratulations to the IKOMED team!