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Key DiscoveryDiscovery of a Peanut Allergy Gene

Oct 16, 2017

HLI researchers Dr. Denise Daley and Dr. Andrew Sandford have made a discovery that could help parents prevent potentially deadly peanut
reactions in their children.

In this study, HLI researchers identified genes that predispose individuals to the development of peanut allergies and to food allergies in general. The gene is called c11orf30 or EMSY for short. It’s already known to play a role in other allergic conditions such as eczema, asthma or hay fever, but this is the first time EMSY has been connected to a food allergy.

Food allergy is the result of both genetic and environmental factors, but there are surprisingly few data regarding the genetic basis of this condition,”

Dr. Denise Daley, lead investigator of the study

This research could lead to new diagnostic methods and better treatment options for peanut allergies.

This study was highlighted in several media articles, including Global News and Vancouver Sun.