Training Environment

Training at the Centre for Heart Lung Innovation

Cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases are of critical importance to Canada; they impose a serious and growing burden upon Canadians, both in terms of human suffering and the associated economic impact. As we progress in our scientific approaches to counteract these deadly diseases, new principles of integrative pathobiology are emerging. The Centre for Heart Lung Innovation has a long and successful history in training of staff and students. Over the last 5 years alone, we have trained on an yearly basis over 68 summer or co-op students, 45 graduate students, 25 post-doctoral fellows, 5 research associates and 6 visiting scientists on sabbatical leave. Our leading edge technologies (much of which is unique in BC), coupled with our focus on clinically relevant research and our unequaled source of human biological samples, will provide a magnet for the brightest young scientists in Canada, and internationally. Skilled workforce produced by our program will amplify the socioeconomic impact of HLI by perpetuating the cycle of discovery.

Training at the HLI is organized to address a spectrum of needs in the scientific community:

  • attraction of promising scientists during the initial and formative stages of their careers
  • provision of rigorous training for developing scientists
  • updating of strategic and experimental skills for established academic and industrial scientists
  • training and updating of skills for technologists