The relationship between lung inflammation and cardiovascular disease.

TitleThe relationship between lung inflammation and cardiovascular disease.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsVan Eeden, S, Leipsic, J, Man, SFPaul, Sin, DD
JournalAm J Respir Crit Care Med
Date Published2012 Jul 1
KeywordsAdrenergic beta-Antagonists, Angiotensin II Type 1 Receptor Blockers, Animals, Cardiovascular Diseases, Causality, Disease Progression, Endothelium, Vascular, Humans, Inflammation, Losartan, Lung Diseases, Myocardial Ischemia, Oxidative Stress, Plaque, Atherosclerotic, Pulmonary Disease, Chronic Obstructive, Risk Factors, Smoking

Acute and chronic lung inflammation is an underrecognized risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Yet, there are compelling epidemiological data to indicate that airway exposures to cigarette smoke, air pollution particles, and viral and bacterial pathogens are strongly related to acute ischemic events. Over the past 10 years, there have been important human and animal studies that have provided experimental evidence to support a causal link. In this article, we review the epidemiological data for the relationship between lung inflammation and cardiovascular disease and provide plausible mechanistic pathways by which acute and chronic inflammation contributes to the development of acute cardiovascular syndromes.

Alternate JournalAm. J. Respir. Crit. Care Med.
PubMed ID22538803
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