HLA-DQB1*02 and DQB1*06:03P are associated with peanut allergy.

TitleHLA-DQB1*02 and DQB1*06:03P are associated with peanut allergy.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsMadore, A-M, Vaillancourt, VT, Asai, Y, Alizadehfar, R, Ben-Shoshan, M, Michel, DL, Kozyrskyj, AL, Becker, A, Chan-Yeung, M, Clarke, AE, Hull, P, Daley, D, Sandford, AJ, Laprise, C
JournalEur J Hum Genet
Date Published2013 Oct
KeywordsAlleles, Case-Control Studies, Child, Preschool, Female, Genetic Association Studies, HLA-DQ beta-Chains, Humans, Male, Peanut Hypersensitivity

Peanut allergy (PA) is a common and serious food allergy and its prevalence has increased in the past decade. Although there is strong evidence of inheritance, the genetic causes of this disease are not well understood. Previously, a large-scale genome-wide association study described an association between human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-DQB1 and asthma; the aim of this study was to evaluate the association between HLA-DQB1 and PA. Genotypic and allelic profiles were established for 311 Caucasian members of a well-described Canadian group of children with PA and 226 Caucasian controls. Firth's logistic regression analyses showed associations between HLA-DQB1 alleles and PA for DQB1*02 (P=1.1 × 10(-8), odds ratio (OR)=0.09 (CI=0.03-0.23)) and DQB1*06:03P alleles (P=2.1 × 10(-2), OR=2.82 (CI=1.48-5.45)). This study of HLA in PA demonstrates specific association between two allelic groups of the HLA-DQB1 gene (DQB1*02 and DQB1*06:03P) and PA, highlighting its possible role in the development of this disease.

Alternate JournalEur. J. Hum. Genet.
PubMed ID23443026
PubMed Central IDPMC3778350
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