Raymond T. Ng, PhD

Department of Computer Science

University of British Columbia
2366 Main Mall
Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z4

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(604) 822-2394
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(604) 822-5485
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Dr. Raymond Ng is internationally renowned for his data mining research. He was program chair of a ACM International Conference on Knowledge Discovery from Large Databases (SIGKDD), the top data mining conference in the world, and program chair of 2009 Data Engineering Conference. His joint paper with Ruben Zamar entitled "Robust Space Transformation for Distance Based Operations" won the SIGKDD best paper award. His paper with his student Yuhan Cai entitled "Indexing Spatio-temporal Trajectories using Chebyshev Polynomials"  won the ACM SIGMOD best paper award. He is an Associate Editor for two of the top database and data mining journals in the world: IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, and the Very Large Data Bases Journal. Dr. Ng collaborates with a broad range of medical researchers.

Area of Interest

Dr. Raymond Ng’s research program focuses on data mining, which can be broadly viewed as large scale data analysis. Nowadays, with the advancement of computer technologies and biotechnologies, data are collected and accumulated in a phenomenal rate (e.g., tens of thousands of genes per patient). Unfortunately, our collective ability to collect data far exceeds our ability to analyze them. Thus, the general focus of my research is to develop tools that can help domain experts to analyze their data in ways that is feasible and efficient to deal with the volume of the data, and that is statistically sound.  One focus is to perform gene expression profiling for various heart and blood vessel diseases.  A specific goal is to identify genes and pathways that are critical to the development, and hence cure, of those diseases.

Selected Publications