Liam Brunham, MD, PHD

Assistant Professor
Department of Medicine

Centre for Heart Lung Innovation
Room 166-1081 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC  V6Z 1Y6

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(604) 682-2344 x63929
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(604) 806-9274
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Liam Brunham is an assistant professor of medicine at the University of British Columbia and a Principal Investigator at the Centre for Heart and Lung Innovation. Dr. Brunham completed his PhD under the supervision of Dr. Michael Hayden in Medical Genetics and was awarded the Governor’s General’s gold medal, the most prestigious award offered to graduating doctoral students at Canadian Universities. Dr. Brunham is a general internist with a focus on clinical lipidology and is an attending physician at the Health Heart Program Prevention clinic at St. Paul’s hospital, one of the largest specialty lipid clinics in Canada.


Dr. Brunham’s research focuses on understanding how changes in specific genes contribute to differences in drug-response as well as to alterations in plasma lipid levels and their relationship to metabolic and cardiovascular disease. His laboratory uses cutting-edge approaches in human genetics including genome-wide association studies and next-generation sequencing to investigate the role of genetic variation in these phenotypes. His laboratory also uses genome-editing tools and stem-cell based cellular models to dissect the functional impact of genetic variants and investigate molecular mechanisms underlying adverse drug reactions.

Education and Training

  • MD, PhD, FRCPC

Selected Publications