HLI tours Vancouver-based biotech company Aurora Biomed

To kick off our Career Paths for Researchers (CPR) program, a team of us at HLI were invited to tour Aurora Biomed, a local company with over 25 years of expertise in designing and developing customizable lab automation solutions for genomics, microarrays, and liquid biopsy applications. Our hosts, Director of Marketing, Sophia Liang MBA, and Product Specialist, Grant McNair PhD, demonstrated their flagship high throughput automated liquid handling instrument, the VERSA 1100 Next Generation Sequencing Library Preparation automated workstation, and showcased their patented technologies.

Aurora Biomed was founded as a UBC spin-off company and belongs to an esteemed group of longstanding, Vancouver-based biotech companies. Thank you Sophia and Grant! We’ll see you at your annual event, the Precision Medicine & Ion Channel Retreat, hosted in Vancouver this year!