Lung Disease

Over 3 million Canadians cope with at least one serious respiratory disease such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), tuberculosis (TB), or cystic fibrosis. Lung diseases exert a significant economic impact on the Canadian health care system. Presently, almost 6.5% of total health care costs are related to lung diseases.

We understand that living with a lung disease or caring for someone with such a disease can be hard. But with the right information and support anyone can play an active role in managing their disease.  At the Centre for Heart Lung Innovation, we study treatments and lifestyle adjustments that have the potential to improve the health of those with chronic lung disease.

As an example, over 10% of Canadians over 40 years of age have COPD for which there is currently no cure – but there are treatments and lifestyle choices that we are actively studying.

COPD Preventive Steps

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  • Join us on World COPD Day, November 18th
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  • Find out more at Pacific Lung Health where many of the HLI’s Clinician Scientists treat patients with lung diseases


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