Centre for Heart Lung Innovation

Led by Director, Dr. Keith Walley and Associate Directors, Dr. Gordon Francis and Dr Tillie Hackett, investigators and trainees at the Center for Heart Lung Innovation are using the best available technology to image and measure changes in molecules, cells, tissues, organs and whole organisms, including patients, in order to understand the link between our genes and the environment, in causing heart, lung, and blood vessel diseases.

The creative investigators and expert technical staff have effectively harnessed these crucial investments to drive HLI to a position of not only regional and national strength, but of world-class leadership. There are no other comparable combined Heart + Lung Centres combining Clinical + Basic research in Canada, and few internationally. The success of the HLI is built on: 1) The rare combination of world-class clinical and basic research expertise in cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases – and a profound understanding of the many levels of interaction between these two organ systems; 2) State-of-the-art core technology funded in part by previous CFI grants; and 3) Unparalleled registries of human biological samples (DNA, RNA, protein, tissue, blood) from a spectrum of cardiovascular, pulmonary and critically ill patients. This unique combination of assets allows the HLI to contribute to the work of scientists across Canada and internationally..